Introducing FlexBlox

A New Construction System for the 21st Century

Structurally Optimized Geometries Bridge the Gap Between Engineering in the Real World and the Imaginary World of Toys

FlexBlox is a geometry-based prototype, originally designed to solve large-scale civil and mechanical engineering problems. Because of its simplicity, stability, ease of assembly and other ‘toyetic’ properties, this construction design on a smaller scale is ideally suited for kids in the 4-10 age range.

The geometry of the FlexBlox relies on the inherent stability of the triangle and can be manufactured in any scale, small to large and from almost any material, soft to hard. The construction shapes are unique and appealing, and can be easily assembled into a  myriad of designs and models, such as rocketships, space stations and futuristic cities, even large climbing structures. Future models may include  percussive instruments, aquatic and small mammal habitats, and others that will interface with existing toy lines such as Legos

We are actively seeking strategic partners to develop, manufacture and market a range of products.